My first column!

What should I write about?

I considered focusing on a particular comic book or movie . I considered waxing nostalgic about the podcast, and how we are approaching 150 episodes. In the end I decided that I wanted to talk about you, the listener.
Nerd Nation has a mission of inclusion . We want every fan to enjoy the ahow. We strive to make a fun hour or two for all of you.
To that end I implore you to write and let me know what facets of Fandom you would like to hear us go on about. My email address is .
Tell me what works and what doesn’t on the show. We may even read your email on the air.
Audience participation makes the show better.
When we say “I am Nerd Nation”, we mean you.

I also want to mention that we always want products, comics and all things nerdy to review or talk about on the show.
If you run a convention we would love to have you on to promote. If you own a shop, let us know. Most importantly , if you make a comic book, we want to read it.

We also need you to help promote the show. every share and like on the page helps us grow and bring you the best possible show.

We are grateful that you allow us on the airwaves. Tune in, Nerd out!