Old Man Indy #1

By Gene Hoyle – 7/7/2017

Old Man Indy


This is the first in what will hopefully become a regular column on Nerd Nation Radio.com. Each article will attempt to turn you on to Indy comics, products and comic shops across the world! 

 I feel that , for the most part, mainstream comics have lost their way. There is a disconnect that has turned many readers off. I will always love DC and Marvel, but I currently read less than five titles from the big two 

 The upside to this is a huge upswing in self published work. Guys like me are making the comics that we wish we could buy. the next generation of comic book creators are doing it for themselves. 

Nerd Nation was originally conceived as my way to get back into the scene that I had felt had left me behind. The podcast helped introduce me to some amazing Indy creators who helped me to immerse myself back into my favorite world. Comic Books

 The Florida Nerd scene is vibrant and loud, alive and incredible. I joined a Browncoats group, a Trek group. I ran panels at conventions. Most of all, I bought Indy comics. Meeting a few publishers down here.

Martin Pierro, owner of Cosmic Times and the Palmcon Convention makes some engaging and fun titles. (www.cosmictimes.net) . I was even mentioned in the thank you section of his King Arthur trade.

He is a Diamond distributed company. Be sure to order his stuff from your local shop today!

John Ulloa and Juan Navarro are the guys behind Creature Entertainment (www.creatureentertainment.com) . Their product is visceral and raw. The Zombie Years and Tommy being my personal favorites.

Creature is also a filmmaking operation. Juan also runs Tattoos and Comics in Hialeah, Florida. If you find yourself there, Juan is a good guy to talk comics with. 

South Florida is lucky to have some terrific comic shops as well. Past Present Future is one of the oldest chains in South Florida and boasts an insane amount of Golden and Silver age comics as well as new comics and much more. (www.ppfcomics.com). The West Palm store has recently expanded to further serve its customers.  I have known Mark Gallo, the owner, for several years. He is always willing to help support my own work, and was the first comic shop to carry Gateway Runners.

Tate’s Comics is a unique store that offers a plethora of nerd culture items. (www.tatescomics.com). If you are looking for the newest book on pin up art or a fun blind box, these guys are for you. Tate Ottati is a great supporter of indy comics. 

 I could keep going, but I guess that I should save some goodies for future articles. One more thing though. I am currently trying to fund my own comic book, Labyrinth Of Bones on Indiegogo. If you could share the link and maybe pick a tier for yourself, I would be forever grateful.


Feel free to reach out to me anytime and for anything at gene@nerdnationradio.com!

Until Next time, make mine indy!