Old Man Indy #2

Old Man Indy # 2

by Gene Hoyle


” Indie Authors Guide to Surviving Conventions by Elyse Reyes” Review

In 2015, I attended the first and only Magic City Comic Con. (The show would later move to Ft. Lauderdale from Miami and become Paradise City Comic Con). I was selling the first comic book that I had written and funded, Gateway Runners. 

Elyse Reyes was one of the first people to buy a copy of the book. The next day she came back to tell me how much she enjoyed it.

We chatted for a bit and Elyse revealed that she had a story that she wanted to tell. I gave  her encouragement, that I hope pushed her on to finally write her first book, The Order of Vespers.

Fast forward to today and Elyse has released her third book! “The Indie Authors Guide to Surviving Conventions” seemed like the perfect book for me to check out, so at this years Florida Supercon, I purchased a copy.

The book is meant to be a practical guide for both going to  shows and successfully selling your products at them. Beginning with deciding on pinpointing which shows fit your product and ending with the evaluation of the show. 

In a brief 75 pages, Elyse manages to cover valuable lessons on doing cons, and helps you to avoid common pitfalls. It really is indispensable, even to a con “vet” such as myself.

I have seen books that are hundreds of pages long about this topic that contain less useful information on the subject. She has the talent of “conservation of words”. Every sentence is crafted to get her point across. No space is wasted. 

Her clever humor also makes the book a joy to read. If you are considering setting up at a convention, you need this book. I give it a four out of five pocket protectors. Do not miss out in this fun and informative book.

You can find Elyse at www.elysereyes.com





Florida Supercon


My own book, Labyrinth of Bones finished it’s successful fundraiser and I was so excited to preview the book at this year’s Florida Supercon. 

People reacted well to the story and incredible art. LOB is an incredibly personal book to me. It is my way of releasing my own personal demons. It is sort of dark, but also a kick ass adventure filled with monsters and magic.  

The convention itself was a terrific weekend. I hosted ten panels throughout the weekend. That was a personal record, and I had doubts about being able to do it. It worked out terrific though, and I am grateful to show owner Mike Broder for having faith in my ability to pull it off. 

One panel was a Justice League International panel with Keith Giffen and Kevin Maguire. That was a dream come true and an experience that I won’t soon forget.

V for Vendetta artist David Lloyd and I sat down for an hour long discussion on the book and his own digital weekly, Aces Weekly. (www.aceshighweekly.co.uk  also available on comixology)

These interviews and more will be showing up here on Nerd Nation Radio.com in the coming weeks. 


The Nerd Nation Radio crew would like to welcome Raven Madilynn Cota into the world.

Raven is daughter of Eric Cota and Becki McDermott . Eric is the creator of the Sudden Chiller audio series. (www.suddenchillers.weebly.com)

We wish them all the best! 



Monday, August 21st, there will be a total solar eclipse visible over much of North America. 

If you are seeking information on how to best enjoy this rare event, you can find by heading over to NASA’s site or BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE .

They will cover much of what you need to know.

The viewing glasses have sold out at many locations across the country. For other options, I would suggest heading over to YouTube and search for Eclipse viewers that you can make yourself. There are many homemade options for seeing this. Many science centers will be hosting viewing party events. 

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